Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Which John Roling Takes His Turn In The Birthday Barrel

John Roling, how I met you makes me laugh.
I don't recall just why, but some of us
Had come up with the zany, made and half-
Baked notion what was needed one day was
A pic of Oliveri all in drag.
Demurred he did, but told us all to look
At some twitpic in which, per that there tag
You rocked the Hooter's girl costume and took
The prize. I knew that any crazed and brave
Such soul must be my friend, and now you are.
Delightful man, who showed me how to save
Myself and friends from choosing a cigar
We'll hate. And it's your birthday now, today.
O Greyhawk68, enjoy your day!

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