Friday, March 5, 2010

In Which My Wounded Dignity Is Soothed By The Music Of The Spheres

Spring snow is wet and sloppy, and so slick
Today's word really ought to just be "fall"
(The verb and not the season: quite some trick
To make it through the winter, almost all
Of it, and not once take a digger, but
Do so today, spectacularly, too!).
I don't mind, though; my Exoplanet nut,
Roald has set my mind at much ease through
This music that he found, for list'ning while
One gazes as the sky and contemplates
The worlds that spin out there. I have to smile
Despite this bone-deep chill. A hot bath waits
But not just yet, I'm digging all these tracks,
And it's high time I kick back and relax.

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