Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fitness Nerdery, Or, In Which "Jetson" Joins My Household

I'm choosy 'bout my roommates, but I find,
Approaching an "-ish" age as I now am,
That body needs as much work as does mind
If I, in fact, do really give a damn
About my having any chance to see
The "rapture of the nerds," as we have called
That point in time, the singularity.
Commuting on my bike's a start, but lawd,
It's been so dark and cold! So now I've bought
A treadmill - manual - for those bleak days
When Deep Blue's best left home. And now I've got
A hankering to find one or more ways
To make of it a generator! Yes!
Now if I can, that's anybody's guess!

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