Friday, March 19, 2010

In Which A Dream Is Fulfilled

Large Hardon Collider, originally uploaded by Skepchick.

So many have so longed for just this day,
When just this error happened, when someone
Misplaced two crucial letters in a way
To change the name of something famous. Fun
Was had by all, and yes, 'twas juvenile,
But it is March, the month that can't decide
If it will snow or bring us, with a smile
A dose of springtime. Oh, the tears I've cried
Of purest mirth today, to see this thing!
And we're allowed to love it, yes we are!
So of a typo on this day I sing.
Tomorrow I'll return to something far
More serious, but giggles still will seize
Me and my friends for hours, if you please.

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