Sunday, March 28, 2010

SONNET DARE: In Which Enceladus Has Something Still Lacking

Gigantes don't just happen; they must grow
And growing boys need lots and lots of food.
Enceladus, for instance, don't you know
Would find it more than just a little rude
Were he deprived of his burrito fix,
Though he be circling Planet Saturn as
A rocky little moon -- he's number six
In size. And he was never killed; it has
Been told Athena threw a mighty spear
And felled him, but that's far from true as we
Well know; he's out there shining, cold and clear
And with a nice supply of water. He
Just needs some feeding up. A Taco Bell
Would fit the bill. I know he'd find it swell.


  1. LOL what was the dare — planetoid-level fast food?

  2. Very, very close. Lilly dared me to write about the need specifically for a Taco Bell on Enceladus! See the kind of craziness I open myself up to when I can't decide what to write about?

  3. I think I wrote here a better script for NuClash of the Titans, anyway ^_^


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