Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Which I Emerge Windblown But Happy From A Salon

It should not really matter, but it does;
No matter what, I'm still a girl, although
A girly girl I never really was.
No time to fuss, I'm either on the go
Or planted somewhere with a book. How I
Might look has been of less concern to me
Than how I feel. It's strange, then, that some dye
A new haircut and styling goop can be
Transformative. I've never gone this dark
Nor curly, nor high-maintenance, could this
Somehow be one more odd attempt to mark
That I'm no longer some young chick? I miss
Those years not one bit. So why should I care?
But I have got to say, I love my hair!


  1. The true test will come once you style it by yourself! :)

  2. Nicole - thank you!

    Krissy - I did it, I did it! 'Cause you just scrunch it while blowdrying. The blowdrying bit is a bit foreign though.

  3. Looks good! -- YODPM


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