Sunday, March 14, 2010

Late To The Party, I Still Try To Compose A Nerdigras Anthem

March Madness leaves me cold, to say naught of
St. Patrick's Day (Ugh! Amateurs and beer!).
There's really only one reason to love
This silly month and greet it with good cheer:
'Tis Nerdigras, the season of the geek!
From Christmas's square root (that is, the fifth)
Through Pi Day, March Fourteenth, we all shall seek
To show our love for elegance and pith:
Have fractal fun, unscrew some endless screws,
Chase Zeno's tortoise, don our best Lovelace,
Turn coffee into theorems with Erdös,
Cross Konigsbergen bridges or just face
Those Cantor sets within sets. Raise a glass,
And take a Knight's Tour with me. Now that's class!

1 comment:

  1. Is it true Nerdigras is just Sargidren spelled backwards? YODPM


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