Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Which The Bitch Goddess Conspires With The Federal Government, To My Detriment

Elusive Morpheus, I chased you 'round,
But your bitch sister chased me 'round as well,
And whispered "What will you do when you've found
That your most trusted timepiece (that your cell
Phone) failed to update when we stole that hour
We keep in trust for you lot 'till next fall?
Go unwashed or unfed, or will you cower
Before co-workers sheepishly and call
To tell them you missed out on this time-change?"
I knew that I could trust my gadgets, but --
And is there one of you who'd call this strange? --
I tossed and turned all night, my eyes wide shut.
And even after two turned into three
Insomnia still had her hold on me.

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