Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sonnet Commission: In Which The Neurobiology Of Olfaction Is Considered

Each odorant has its own special touch,
'Gainst the olfact'ry epithelium.
Receptor proteins like them very much
And bind to each of them, just as they come
(Not picky 'bout which ligands, these; they'll take
To many kinds). Then neurons will transduce
The activation into zaps, which make
A trip to the olfact'ry bulb. Obtuse
As yet to what you're smelling, now,
The signals go up axons until at
The glomerulus, mitral cells choose how
(Or through what brain bit) you will know what that
Smell is: the piriform cortex does best,
But others may help, too, ere you may rest.


  1. My optic nerve fires well into the auditory centres of my brain via specialised language networks as a result of your metrical composition. 87

  2. How neuromantic of you to say so!


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