Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Which I Survey A Winter's Nasty Work

At home at last, I punch a tiny hole
In a cigar. It's ev'ning; I declare
That I am done with chores. It's cold
But I don't smoke indoors, so in plein aire
Out on my patio I light up, pet
My happy dog and take a comfy seat.
My yard is ugly still, trash-strewn and wet,
Receding snows reveal how I've been beat
In my -- yes listless -- efforts to combat
The depredations of my dog and wind
That blows in litter constantly. A cat,
My neighbor's, she has also sinned
As mouse gutpiles betray. There shall be much
To do when time to clean up comes, as such.

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Location:Fontenelle Cir,Cheyenne,United States

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