Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Geek Tastes That Would Taste Great Together

Approaches now Shark Week 2009,
When we all celebrate a great success:
The Selichimorphae. It would be fine
Enough all on its own, but then there's -- yes!
The notion of some sharks as astronauts.
Now, don't you laugh - it makes a certain sense.
Survivors they are, tougher than robots;
Relentless, they are, too, and quite intense.
Accustomed, too, to move in vast 3-D
Environments, near-weightless, and they're smart,
With ratios, brain-to-mass, that, we can see,
Match many mammals'. And then, the best part:
To make spacesuits for sharks would be a breeze:
No sleeves or pantlegs needed. Do it, please!

Sonneteer's note: this one was commissioned by the great and mighty Ian O'Neil of Discovery Space, who wanted some way to get in on some of that sweet Shark Week action while still remaining true his official purview, which is, of course, space science and astrophysics. It was Ian who cooked up the artwork accompanying this post. Just so you know, your sonneteer is not the only bozo on this bus...

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