Monday, July 20, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Sadly Must Decline A Kind Invitation

O Geo, what a dreadful tease you are,
A-sending me announcements such as these.
You know I'd be there were it not so FAR.
Alas, my accolades will need a breeze
Of gale-force just to bring them to your ears.
But know that I shall call out all the same
To hear that мавпа song. Admist the cheers
Imagine mine, too. This do I proclaim:
Someday I'll see you live and make some noise,
And then you'll wonder how you did without
The fangirl squee that tells all of the joys
Of hearing smarter music. Oh, I'll shout!
Till then, dear Geo, go and knock 'em dead.
I'll be there with bells on inside my head.


  1. I KNOW! It's on my birthday and that would be SO COOL but I can't make it up there b/c my lil brother is visiting me that weekend. YARR!!!

  2. Aha! So now I know when your birthday is, Nicole ^_^


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