Friday, July 24, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Celebrate Decades Under The Sun

When I, for one, think of the 70s
It smells of printer's ink. And what I hear?
A newsroom all abuzz with cursing bees,
The clinks and clunks of linotype. I fear
That I am marked for life by all those days
Spent after school on Main Street at the Sun.
How else explain my decades-later craze
To come back home and join the staff? What fun
To have a byline where my Mom's had been
Chuck's, Candy's, Starley's, Cheryl's, Lori's too!
To take the Wallace Biggs again and win
Like they did. Would that I were there with you!
I'm proud to be a Togie writer, glad
That Dick Perue was there, an extra dad.

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