Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Which I Trip All Over A Pile Of Superlatives Cluttering Up My Office Floor, Or Guiness Is REALLY Good For You

It took a man in Hong Kong to get through
To me that this was going on. Hoorah!
Forget the Cylon Toaster. I've a new
Obsession: winning this. I'm filled with awe
To be alive for this event. That my
Most fav'rite brew, Guiness, and fav'rite place
Can come together in this way means I
Already feel I've been launched into space.
My thoughts race at near-orbital speeds and
I all but scream my joy at the mere thought.
My eyeballs roll, I grab on with one hand
To steady myself at my desk. I ought
Not to be too surpised that it is they
Who'd think to celebrate in this great way.

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