Friday, July 31, 2009

SONNET DARE: In Which I Ponder Bugs Literal And Metaphorical

I have been dared to look deep down inside,
Engage in navel-gazing, by my friend,
Ol' Ommus, who it seems could not abide
That I should write 'bout puking bugs; forfend!
Instead a diff'rent bug is on our minds:
The comics bug, which bites and then takes hold
Until no matter where one looks one finds
A item, figure, notion new or old
That just might make a comic. It's true though
That as my dear friend Walter doth point out
Not ev'ry story needs that treatment, so
It must be a discerning bug. Hold out
I do for tales whose vivid imagery
Demands both words and pictures. That's for me!

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