Friday, July 10, 2009

SONNET DARE: In Which I Plan My Annual Hasty Escape From Cheyenne

Cheyenne is where I live and work, but lo:
Each summer comes a time when it's like hell.
At first in June the streets are torn up so
That bike commuting's best, though a hard sell
For folks who love their pickups as these do.
Post-haste a summer's worth of work is done
In preparation for an onslaught. Coo!
Frontier Days brings all, under one hot sun,
That I like least about Wyoming life:
Fake cowboys, amateur drunks, strafing planes,
Loud music that goes twang and redneck strife
(Thanks, Walter, for this dare to list my banes).
At least it leaves the mountains free for those
Who like Wyoming for its sweet repose.


  1. You left out the Mayflower, barfing nightly.

    Other than that, quite good!

  2. I was waiting for jihad to be called down upon me for this blasphemy. A Wyoming girl who does not <3 rodeo AND writes poetry about how CFD makes her run the other way?

    And d'oh! on the Mayflower. But you know, 14 lines...


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