Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Independence DAY Not Independence Week, Dammit!

Lest I be called unpatriotic, I
Should n'er complain at Fourth of July fun.
But last I checked, a date was one day. Fie
Upon my neighbors, each and ev'ry one
Whose infinite supply of crappy booze
And caps to pop and hoot at like dumb apes
Keeps me awake long past the hour I choose
To call bedtime and pull closed all my drapes.
At least my dog, she gets some exercise,
A-jumping and a-shaking, startled at
Each wee explosion. I would not despise
This jubilation were it just on that
One special day and night, but let's be real.
The holiday lasts weeks now. What's the deal?


  1. And here in Portland, up and down my block,
    And all night long, it's quiet as Iraq.

    Fine work, and I'll be tuning in, thank you.

  2. Thank you. From which Portland do you hail? Maine or Oregon? I've had good times in both cities.


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