Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I Have Learned So Far As A Baby Podcaster

The sound of smacking lips is most loathesome:
Recording while one's mouth is dry's not smart.
The KATE STATION is comfy to talk from
But Dell Range traffic noise is like a fart
In church: just what we never want to hear.
Audacity, that wondrous software, saves
My list'ners from those sounds, keeps the stream clear
(Though eats up time removing them; we're slaves,
Perfectionism cracks the whip). But naught
Can change my diction. I talk slowly and
Am told I sound like I've been nearly caught
Midway to some far sleepy, dreamy land.
And oh yes, how the Show Notes are my pals,
Some things just must be seen, their rationales.

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