Friday, July 17, 2009

BONUS SONNET DARE: Orangutans Are Probably Smarter Than I Feel Right Now

Those oxidation numbers hurt my head.
I'll soothe it by consid'ring now an ape,
The "old man of the forest", who, it's said
Trades favors much like humans do. I gape
At what we've learned about them recently!
We've also seen them harness water as
A tool to float a peanut prize. I'll be
Surprised if that's all we learn, for there has
Been much more research started here and there
On symbol acquisition, and if what
Sounds much like laughter is just that and where
They might yet thrive as habitats shrink. But
What'er they find, Neil Richards gets his prize:
A made-to-order sonnet. Feast your eyes!


  1. Love it! I think it's great fun what you're doing, encourages us all to be creative!

    And very unique too, I'm guessing the first orangutan sonnet as it's unlikely Shakespeare beat you to it ...

  2. You are probably right. But perhaps a bit of research to be sure...

    Google search reveals some connection between "orangutan" and "sonnet" but I don't see explicitly any sonnets about orangutans. We may have done it, partner!

  3. Oh, I just got this as a flattering response. Neil Richards wrote this but is having trouble posting this, so I just told him I'd throw it up. Thank you, Neil. I'm blushing!

    A sonnet for orangutans, from Kate,
    And tailored just for me, was quite a first,.
    And so I feel I must reciprocate.
    Though this, among her crop may be the worst.
    A sonnet every day her daring boast,
    On any worldly subject, with the words
    Suggested by those follwers, the most
    Diverse across the globe, with nerds
    And geeks among us, trying hard
    To challenge her with subjects more obscure.
    She swiftly rises to it like the Bard,
    Delighting us and challenging for more.
    In sonnet circles there is none compar-ed
    To modern Bard of Wyoming, Kate Sherrod

  4. All change!

    Now the second result for "orangutan sonnet" takes you right to this page.

    The first result? Me triumphantly retweeting your sonnet on twitter.

    Fast work, google!


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