Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Which I Spend An Afternoon With Phil Rossi

Phil Rossi's book's great chart rush is today,
As I may have said once or twice before.
He's on Ustream right now and, yes, hooray
He's playing tunes and reading tales of yore.
I've died already to a nerdgasm
(Redneck-flavored) from when he up and played
A NIN tune "Hurt" with much more than just some
Cash-flavor (Johnny Cash, that is). I'm flayed
From watching him play through this set.
His book is doing well, and he's aglow.
MsInformation's there with me; we'll get
Him uncovered ere he decides to go
Off to the pub to drink and celebrate.
Huzzah for Phil! His novel IS that great!

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