Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Which I All But Wee Myself Over... A Toaster?

We all know that I love my BSG
And miss it so now that it's at an end.
But can you all imagine all my squee
To see this thing? It's sent me round the bend.
I'd love it just for all its shiny chrome,
My decor tends to modern, metal-shine.
But it's a Cylon toaster! How my home
Doth need it! For it I would build a shrine.
It doesn't just resemble Cylons, no:
The toast it makes takes on a Cylon face.
And think on how my own face, it would glow
Each morning when I take my toast. In space
Or here on Earth, it would be a fine thing.
O Cylon toaster, how of thee I'd sing!


  1. A Cylon toaster that doesn't have LED red flashing eyes? Methinks this needs modification...

  2. You make an excellent point, as always! It's still awfully cool though. As we so love to say... "Do want."

  3. I can't believe I didn't comment on this sonnet. DOH! I definitely do want one of those Cylon toasters. Then all my toast can have imprints of my cylon love affair. I'd be toasting everything I could get my hands on. Cylon bagels, cylon english muffins, cylon waffles... Oh, the love that Cylon toaster and I could make together.

  4. Imagine if there were a toaster that could imprint a Centurion on one side and Leoben on another? Then there would be no "all but" about it!!!!!


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