Friday, July 31, 2009

BONUS BONUS SONNET: In Which I Celebrate Noisily With Nicole

Nicole Gugliucci, you are so much fun
To tweet with and geek out and color blue
The jargon of your trade; you are the one
I think of first when my mind wanders to
How black holes might be misconstrued or if
Flamsteed got lonely late at night. Then there's
Your cuteness with your geeky boyfriend, Tim,
Whose geekhenge grows and obviously cares
About the same stuff we do. I'd keep him
Were I you. How I hope someday we'll meet
And have a chance to swap strange tales and drinks
And recipes and things. It will be sweet
And possibly quite dangerous, methinks.
Until then, Happy Birthday and accept
My admiration, written while you slept.


  1. That just made my morning. THANK YOU!!!

  2. You had to have seen this coming ^_^ Glad to start your day well, love!


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