Thursday, July 2, 2009

Of Slime, Zappa, Ants And Worms

Frank Zappa wrote a song about the slime
That comes through one's own television set.
The Simpsons had Kent Brockman, that one time
Proclaiming our ant overlords no threat.
Comes now the news that down in fair Raleigh
(That's Raleigh, not R'lyeh) there dwells a blob
Down in the sewer, pulsating. Call me
A sucker for a creature tale, but it's my job
To celebrate the weird and to explain
Here that it's really just some worms without
Ought to coil 'round but one another. Fain
Am I, too, in faith to point this out:
All 'round the world since '02. Use your head!

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