Friday, July 31, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Wish Nightwyrm A Happy Birthday

Oh hai, Cthul-who! Rory's not insane,
Though doodles he has done might contradict.
I heart him more than Brett, more than Jemaine.
I do not now remember when we clicked
On Twitter now, but glad I am I did!
Now comes today, time for his sonnet-spank.
'Tis his birthday; this fact cannot be hid.
Bend over dear, and take it. You will thank
Me later, I am sure. Thanks for the blips,
The drawings and the just-plain-crazy links.
Were I down there I'd kiss you on your lips
But blowing one will have to do, methinks.
Here's hoping that the whiskey slightly burns
And of the day come many great returns!

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