Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Which I Consider A Strange Thoroughfare

A farmer's mart that had nary a stalk
Of local, fresh asparagus, I deem
A failure. Nor is this the only shock
To be had here along that driver's dream,
The T.V. Highway, home to ev'ry chain
Store, taco truck, "adult" emporium
And hair salon. Allow me to explain:
Through Beaverton and "Hillsburrito," umm..
And other towns I'm sure, this one highway
Boasts all that Portland proper would forget,
Pushed to the side, hid like that bad toupee
One sported in the 70s. My bet
Is that's how here a Lowe's and Home Depot
Are planted side-by-side in a neat row.


  1. Thank you, Martin. It made me laugh. Driving up and down that highway all week just 'bout killed me with laughing.


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