Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Which I Crane My Neck And Wait For LRO/LCROSS To Tell Me More

Outdoors at night, where do we always look?
Into the sky; the moon is shining there.
I'd be there now were wishing what it took,
But just one girl can wish, but never dare
The aether on her own, nor go so far
(Two hundred thousand miles in airless cold).
It takes a civ'lization's works, as our
Space program's done, to reach what we behold
As indirect light from our sister stone,
Explore its peaks and valleys, craters, plains.
No part of it can yet be called our own,
No matter what our flag, fragmented, claims.
The first moonwalk was not long ere my birth.
I'm 39 and we're still just on Earth.


  1. I love a good sonnet. Haven't written one in awhile, but I love how you worked the modern in with the classic sonnet style, making words like civilization seem archaic and fractured to fit your rythm. Beautiful.

  2. Keep reading! I fracture polysyllables to fit my whim quite cavalierly all the time!


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