Thursday, June 18, 2009

BONUS BONUS SONNET: In Which Mary And I Claim Credit For The Weather Clearing For The Big Launch

The weather threatened to delay our launch
Of LRO and L-CROSS to the moon.
A lightning storm would violate the staunch
Rulebook regarding really just how soon
We can ignite the rocket, fire it off.
So my fair tweep, Mactavish, yea, and I,
Though skeptics to the bone and prone to scoff
At magic thinking, sucked it up to try
Propitiating the great mad god Thor.
A sacrificial goat would be the best,
But hard to come by. She and I, therefore,
Winos for NASA, put this to the test:
A sweet, sweet wine tastes almost quite like mead
Could pouring some for Thor help us succeed?

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