Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Which I Explain The Motivation Behind A Hashtag (#doctorwhotillmyeyesbleed)

I lived without TV for many years,
Well over ten, if truth indeed be told.
I missed it not, except for -- bring the jeers --
One show from overseas I'd loved of old.
That show was Doctor Who, which only came
To me in Saratoga, much delayed,
Through Denver's PBS, which bore the flame
Of wobbly sets and Time Lords, chiefly played
By one Tom Baker, then Pete Davison.
The show went on without me, glad to say,
While I attended Bard, grad school, had fun
In Boston writing for odd 'zines, away
From any cathode ray tubes but now I've
A hankerin' to see Docs beyond Five.

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