Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Which I Provide An Encomium To A City That Could Be My Spiritual Home

This Portland, Oregon's, my kind of place
The mayor rode his bike in the parade
Along with Segway gangs out keeping pace
Along the route with bands and floats. I'd grade
The total effort "A." To top things off
My dream pub I discovered here this day:
The Lucky Lab, a brewery and trough
For drinkers' dogs (and bicycles, hooray!).
I've yet to mention Pow'lls, but on this trip
I'm prob'ly not to make it there to fall
Upon my knees to angels' song; I'll skip
It just this once, as long as we four, all,
Return to Lucky Labrador's for more
Organic Pale Ale; I do so implore!

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