Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Which I Rashly Take My Sonnets Audio

I can't recall just why or when or how
I got the notion to podcast my stuff,
But so I did, and so I do endow
The internet with this (as though enough
Of us weren't on that bandwagon;
It must be near collapsing from the weight
Or would be were it real). I doubt I'll stun
You with my first attempt, just hope no hate
Comes my way for it. I'm no Slau Be Sharp:
My studio's my office, and my dog
My only audience. She did not carp
At anything I did but chewed her log
Of Rawhide. Yes, I'm gazing at my shoes.
It will get better as I pay my dues.


  1. Kate! Saw you on the science channel site...awesome! Glad you're getting use of the pictures! Makes me happy!!

  2. Thank you my dear. You are the best photog EVER to make me look that good!


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