Friday, June 5, 2009

In Which I Ponder The Daily Fetch-A-Thon That Is My Sister's Life With Her New Dog

The newest member of our fam'ly's pack
Of crazy dogs, mayhap the craziest
Is Krissy's, a lab mix, whose name is Jack.
Built like a tank, excitable and, yes,
Relentless as a charge of army ants.
His rubber ball must constantly be thrown,
Best into mud or grass, or bedding plants
Along the fence. Long after one has grown
Well sick of playing, after Jack's big tongue
Is coated in a slick of mud and grass
Well mixed with drool, that ball must still be flung
And flung some more, or else Jack will harrass
One with his slimy toys all day and night.
It's what he loves the most, as is his right.

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