Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BONUS SONNET: Mark Sanford, Out To Lunch...

Mark Sanford is no Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Our Zaphod, he is just zis guy, we know,
As Halifrunt would tell us. Sanford rocks
Not one bit, as he bumbles to and fro
From Carolina to the Argentine.
Zaphod just crashed one party, said "Hey doll,
This guy boring you?" and she went flying
With him without a thought, having a ball.
Maria Belen Chapur, though, did cause
Her man to shirk his job, cross continents
To be with her. She did expose his flaws
For all to see. Would Trillian's sentiments
So do to Zaphod? No! Not by a mile.
Ol' Zaphod, with a ten of ten for style?


  1. Good job. I imagine a difficult task.

  2. Interesting undertaking. I can imagine it a difficult task. How long does this composing each day take?

  3. It varies, Colleen. A lot of times finding an idea to write about takes the longest!

    At first when I started this project I really had a long time. I had never written a sonnet before in my life, not even for school, and I struggled especially with the meter. I tended always to be wanting to generate eight-syllable instead of ten-syllable lines, especially.

    Now with so many under my belt it's a lot easier, and feels almost natural.

    The hard part is when I've got a strong idea of what I want to say but there just aren't words to fit the rhyme scheme or the meter. Iambic pentameter is a cruel mistress. You may notice I occasionally fudge on that a little.


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