Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Which I Grouse A Bit About My New License Plate

Booktastic Jack got his new tags today,
More than just tags; Wyoming's got new plates.
Sure on a website they look nice, but they
Are not so vivid in real life. Our state's
Got much to live up to in this regard.
Most recently, we featured Devil's Tow'r,
Long famed, if you're a UFO diehard,
As where some Spielberg aliens in our
Collective memory touched down. We've still
The bucking horse, of course, forevermore.
Ol' Steamboat will not leave us, not until
The Yellowstone volcano blows up or --
I can't think of what else. But this I knows:
The Tetons don't show up, so this plate blows.

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