Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Which I Gloat Over A Well-Earned Beer

Someone's idea of heaven surely is
Hot chicks with power tools. He'd love today,
When Kris and I were same. To ruin his
Imaginings a bit, a cop held sway
O'er these proceedings; that would be our Dad,
Armed with a hammer, prybar and a scowl
I'd never want turned my way. Yes we've had
Us quite a time. Now I've thrown in the towel
For one day. I must say it ain't half bad,
This deck we built for Krissy, and we've earned
The Bud Light we are gulping on it now,
Exhausted, bleeding slightly and sunburned.
Our next item of bus'ness is some chow,
We'll grill up on my sister's brand-new grill.
Some dead cow and grilled corn, oh yes we will!

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