Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sonnet Duet: An Interview With The One, The Only, MeiLinMiranda

Sonneteers note: This evening I had the rare and lovely opportunity to meet with the fabulous @MeiLinMiranda (author of the hit web serial An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom in person at a funky little club in Northeast Portland. I had a few questions cranked out beforehand; while she answered them I accepted an invitation to scrawl an extra special Bonus Sonnet on the wall at Rumpspankers. To see that you'll have to pay them a visit or squint at the twitpic here.

O Meilin, what inspired your kingdom's start?
A small attempt to proffer smutty fare.
O Meilin, is Timmin first in your heart?
He is the son that I shall never bear.
Now Emmae's tale -- that's really some strong stuff.
Alas, it shall be less so when I'm done.
It's hot. When do you know it's hot enough?
When readers find it hard to be alone.
The Lover's Temple's wisdom, could it spread?
If only Western culture weren't so staid.
How do you keep this kingdom in your head?
I couldn't if I had not wiki's aid.
Is there a print or aud'iobook in store?
Of course, and ebooks, Kindle, maybe more.

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  1. *grinning*

    Most Excellent, and nicely done. You two should collaborate more often.



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