Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Which I Face A Weird Dilemma

I am returned, and so pleased to have found
In what I've christened my Mud Room of Squee,
My own pre-ordered copy, strangely bound,
Of J.C. Hutchins' print debut. How he
And Weisman pulled out all the stops! It's come
With a great heap of horror-flair to sift
Through and investigate as I do thumb
Its pages. Where to start, though? I'm adrift.
I've called to hear Zach Taylor's voice mail bit,
And poked around the Brinkvale website, natch.
The podcast prequel gave some hints that fit
My expectations, but there's e'er this catch:
Play with the items, follow where they lead,
Or first open the book and start to read?

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