Saturday, June 27, 2009

BONUS SONNET: Night of the Collie...And The Pug

Quoth Poncho, "Do you really want that bone?"
Quoth Molly, "Yes I do, now go away.
Quoth Poncho, "But you've left it all alone!"
Quoth Molly, "Sure, but that is not to say
I will not want it later, tiny pup,
And you've your own. Now just pug off, begone!"
The puppy, irrepresible, kept up
Attention to the rawhide not yet gnawn,
A watchful eye he kept on it until
I picked him up and took him all away
Off to my office, where I did fulfill,
The wishes of a friend who, in the day
Was Poncho's former mommy/midwife/girl
So glad to see his face and wee tail's curl.

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