Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Sonnet: In Which I Celebrate My Own Dear Personal Dad's Verbal Gifts

My Dad's been a Patrolman, Sheriff, Judge,
As acts to follow go, he's pretty hard.
A storyteller, too - I don't begrudge
His greater skills than mine there. And regard,
His phraseology is unsurpassed:
He has heard, sometimes, fishworms fart before,
You're "Little Buckaroo" until you're classed
Perhaps as "Sports Fan," "Bub" or "Coyote", or
Some brand new sobriquet as yet unknown.
As "drunker than a waltzing go-to-hell"
And "Glad you got to see me" both have shone
Forth brightly from his discourse, you see well
Where I come by my weird-ass verbal feats,
Raised as I've been on such lexical treats.

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