Friday, May 22, 2009

Celebrate Memorial Day By Watching The History Channel... Hype A Lemur-Monkey?

At last my plans for this weekend are made!
Forget the troops who died to keep us free.
Forget the barbecues in sun and shade.
The most important date IN HISTORY
Is Monday, when the Hist'ry Channel airs
Its lemur-monkey-Ida-fossil show -
Or so the pre-hype for "The Link" declares.
It takes chutzpah to make that claim, I know.
But hype is what this fossil's all about.
Carl Zimmer made the apt comparison
'Tween Ida hype and that for films not out:
Publicity inflates what critics shun.
But just in case don't let the critics view
The product ere the public; that won't do!

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