Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Which I Consider A Bout of Furniture Shopping

The office in my house is where I'm at:
It's full of desks, typewriters, books and stuff,
Including my computer (fancy that!).
These days I'm finding, though, it's not enough.
I've recently come late to a new game:
Of pod'iobooks - recordings of new works
By authors who tweet with me, know my name,
And sometimes read my sonnets. Only jerks
Accept attention but don't give it. Shame!
To rectify this I there dipped my toe,
And Rossi, Sigler, Lafferty and more
Grabbed onto it and pulled me down below,
And carried me far from the peaceful shore.
I'm happy there to swim, but now I find
My office chair is numbing my behind.

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