Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Tsk A Slightly Neglected Friend About A Friend She May Be Neglecting

Oh Erin dear, if you are reading this,
You need to call your dear Gerry Kissell.
He's got some plans I'm sure you'd hate to miss,
And I would like to know of them as well.
I friended him on Facebook on a whim,
As I've been thinking of the things he does
Of which you've told me often. To meet him
I'd like to do someday for real. It was
His birthday also, on this very day!
So take that step and call Blade Runner Boy.
That's all for now I really have to say,
Except I miss you and I wish you joy.
Your busy summer season's starting soon.
And I won't get to Togie till mid-June.

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