Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Which I Am Bowled Over By A Multimedia Webcomic Featuring A Guy With A Bra On His Head

One day post-migraine and I've just blown out
My brain on a web comic (and a flick
But Wolverine's not what I'm all about
This afternoon) that tripped me out so quick
I read the whole thing in one sitting, well,
The whole thing that is posted thus far. I'll
Need rehab to get past NAWLZ and - oh hell! 
Prepare yourself for weirdness nonpareil;
A multimedia bludgeon there awaits.
Thought-casting, mad bionics, trip and trance,
Internal serotonin taps, hot dates
With triple-G bras and with cars that dance
(Or stomp at least). The future here is weird;
Exactly what the likes of Falwell feared.

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