Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Parent Trek

It's no surprise that Mom wanted to see
The Star Trek flick, but what to do with Dad?
We thought that Earth would do, but wow! Then he
Said no he'd go to Trek with us. He's had
Experience with outer space movies:
He took us to see Star Wars after all
(Ne'er mind that that was in the 70s!).
And so we went, all three, and had a ball.
"A good light show," was Dad's review, while Mom,
Quipped "they sure hid that well" 'bout Mr. Spock
And (spoiler zapped; we'll just defuse that bomb).
While I am still recov'ring from the shock:
Shizuma Drives and Ultranauts, last time
I checked were not canon, but that's no crime.

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