Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Share My Awe At A Student Filmmaker

The other day, while I was geeking out
On Herschel/Planck's launch, and on Atlantis'
Fine work on Hubble, also did I shout
My love of Henry Purcell and of bits
Of choral, churchy music that he wrote.
Conflated in my mind at once were these.
I said so, then I casually did float
The notion that a mash of them would please.
Brent Weichsel, budding auteur, took the dare,
And tossed off this as quick as kiss-my-hand.
You might well profit from his other fare.
His latest, Battle Not is soon to land
Upon his site and elsewhere. I am sure
His name and work won't too long be obscure.


  1. This is way to awesome I am not worthy!

  2. We discussed this, already, my dear ^_^ And I'm glad you capitulated.


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