Saturday, May 23, 2009

Selenochlamys ysbryda - Haunting Gardens Near You (If You Live In Britain, That Is)

Poor earthworms; it just isn't bad enough
That you get drowned, run over, et by birds.
Now comes a ghost slug to make your lives rough.
But honestly, this slug's too cool for words.
It's white and blind, with sharp teeth and a taste
For slurping earthworms "like spaghetti." Night
Is when it hunts beneath the soil. Displaced
It may well be from cave life, far from light.
Nor is it native to where it's been found,
The Cardiff region of Britain and Wales.
It's alien, near Cardiff! That's the sound
Of some rum Torchwood pitch, which never fails.
Imagine Gwen and silly Captain Jack
Defending earthworms from the slug's attack!

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