Friday, May 29, 2009

SONNET DUET: A Sonnet-Form Interview With The Lewis Carroll Of Horror Himself

Sonneteer's Note: What follows is a literary experiment that only the foolhardiest of fools like myself and novelist Jeremy C. Shipp would ever try. To learn more about my partner in sonnetation, check out his website at

O Jeremy, what drives you so to write?
O Kate, I live to write and write to live.
O Jeremy, what do you fear by night?
A ballerina clown who holds a shiv.
Vacation's strange; what does it mostly mean?
The systems of our world don’t honor life.
How relevant is it to today's scene?
The book itself, it spawned from modern strife.
O Jeremy, from what do your tales stem?
My horror and my love of this strange Earth.
O Jeremy, these gnomes, what's up with them?
My gnomic friends, they never lose their mirth.
So tell us now 'bout your new novel, Cursed.
The characters unite to fight the worst.


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