Sunday, May 24, 2009

SONNET DARE: In Which I Contemplate Another Poetic Form

A sonnet is not easy to dash off,
But there are harder forms to use out there.
The double-dactyl's one to make me cough:
A short and tight form, strict beyond compare.
A dactyl is a foot I cannot use
In sonnets: one stressed then two unstressed bits.
A double-dactyl stacks these up. The muse
Demands two stanzas of these; oh my wits
Are stressed to think of one foot and to write
The other! And the strictness ends not there.
A double-dactyl word must come to light
In stanza two! Oh how I'd tear my hair!
I tend most days to play it fast and loose
With iambs. Surely I would slip the noose.

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