Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Which I Become The Pie Monster For A Certain Someone's Benefit

While they were here, I took my Mom and Dad
To lunch in Cheyenne at a special joint.
Needless to say, our lunch was so not bad
That it was fab - but that is not my point.
I got a dare from Ommus once again
To sonnetize The Pie Lady this time
(That's where we lunched and where I found within
A Pie Monster). Now, yesterday my prime
Preoccupation was with Star Trek, but,
He's not so big on deadlines, Ommus, so
Today, a quiet day, I choose to strut
My sonnet stuff on him once more. I know
A sonnet is a strange place for trash talk,
But om nom nom, I'm eating. Take a walk.

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