Sunday, May 31, 2009

BONUS SONNET: A Sonnet Duet And Interview With Aurelio Montemayor

Sonneteer's note: I had so much fun interviewing Jeremy C. Shipp in sonnet-form that I decided to do it some more. My victim/partner today is education activist, Texan and Twitter poet Aurelio Montemayor. He plays faster and more looser with the language and the metrical constraints of sonnets than I do, but he's an old hand at this here poetry thing, while I'm a five-month n00b. Aurelio is also quite prolific and deliciously opinionated. His blog is at; his poetry on his Twitwall on Twitter, where you find him under the alias @aureliom

An education activist does what?
Excellent public schools for all I persue
Do you think education's in a rut?
Public will must give public schools their due
When you're not rabble rousing, what do you?
Books, films, crosswords, twitter, coffee and wine
And what to pick you up, when you are blue?
Meditation, silent sitting, a Buddhist-lite line
Aurelio, why sonnets, do you think?
Verse forms I avoided when young
How have we done so far; are we in sync?
We’re good doubles, trippingly on the tongue
What does the future hold for you, my dear?
Die ed advocating, sans loss of humor & poetical ear.

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