Friday, May 1, 2009

For Susan Marich, On Her Mumbleth Birthday

моя сузитчка*, Happy Birthday, my
Sweet friend, now twice as old as she appears!
Don't let her grave face fool you: from her eye
More twinkles have danced forth over the years
Than folks have gone to sleep beneath her hands.
A teacher and masseuse, yes, she is both --
And more besides: a hunter who demands
Attention to the ecosystem's growth,
A fancier of insects, singing, wine,
Of stargazing and raising kids (and hell!).
Her presence at a fete means that a fine
Time will be had by all and I can tell
No more. This sonnet's going to make her blush,
Then giggle hard and tell me "Oh, you hush!"

*моя сузитчка = My little Susan

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